To develop EVERY student-athlete in the program.

-Socially (home, school and community) honesty, respect, and humility.

-Academically: Priorities, time management, communicate with teachers.

-Athletically: Strength and conditioning, position fundamentals & techniques.

To develop "EVERY" coach in the program

-Expand knowledge base: Ability to provide the necessary feedback that will allow athletes to grow and get better

- WIN!!! - (League, CIF, State, Championship)

-To be supportive of the program's expectations for your child ( undermining the programs expectation puts your child in conflict).

-To be respectful of the player/coach relationship.

-Following the communication protocol (email Coach Porter for questions or concerns, calls or texts will not be returned).


-Must possess the right attitude, and give best effort.

-Commitment:  Attend all scheduled community service events, workouts, meetings, practices, & games.

-Engage i dialogue with coaches if/when there are questions about football related matters!

* Note:  The stated expectations above are such because they will be met by me as well!!